Clayco is a one of the largest architecture, engineering, design-build and construction firms in the USA. The SCAD team and I developed a tool designed to streamline the culture and crystallize the onboarding experience.
- The team and I created two different products: a preboarding box and a Clayco App.
- The Preboarding Box will be implemented in the preboarding process of future Clayco employees.
- Aspects from the App are under development, while the whole App is currently under consideration for development.
- Presented process and solutions to Clayco representatives and the CEO and got very good feedback.
- Responsible for leading our group of 13 grad and undergrad students (10 different mayors) through the extensive research process including flying members of my team and me out to St. Louis to conduct interviews, on-sight observations and field visits.
- Responsible for leading the data synthetization in which we created a design framework and defined opportunity points.
- Presented our research findings to Clayco members and the CEO, Bob Clark
- Co-Lead the design of the Clayco App
- Created the Guidelines and Design Language as well as the Blueprint for the Clayco App
- Member of the Project Management Team
Developing a standardized and innovative corporate culture has emerged as a critical opportunity for corporations to evoke a familial feeling regardless of company size. Although a company’s culture is unique in nature, distinguishing oneself in communicating that culture becomes a challenge.
Clayco, a fully integrated and revolutionary design-build company tasked SCADpro with the opportunity to nuance their current culture, and disseminate their narrative to employees, their families, and clientele. The collaboration between Clayco and SCAD concentrates on the development of tools designed to streamline the culture, and crystallize the onboarding experience.
SCAD’s task lies in creating a tool designed to streamline the mottos and traits that define Clayco to all employees.
Throughout the early stages of the process, the team and I conducted primary and secondary research to establish opportunities and insights to meet the needs of the client. Our secondary research focused on identifying and establishing trends, techniques, and strategies currently being used to promote company culture in the corporate world. Through interviews and observations, including a field trip to St. Louis, we acquired key insights from the Clayco family. Based on those insights, the team and I were able to develop designs that nuance the onboarding process and cultural narrative of Clayco.
Our Solution is an app that streamlines the onboarding process, connects current and new employees and shares the company culture through gamification.
Data Synthesis
All of the data was converted into individual data points, and then clustered by meaning to discover trends and patterns through high frequency signals. We affinitized the data to uncover areas of opportunity while staying unbiased and encompassing all the feelings and statements of the data contained.

Using the insights compiled through the affinitization process, a design framework was developed. We identified areas of opportunity to develop people-centered design strategies and ideate concepts.
The Process
Feel free to take a look at our process book. Contact me for further details. I would love to talk with you about the project and my role and responsibilities.