Remembering the Family History
Collaboration project where we created a platform that allows families to easily create a children storybook based on their own family stories.

Healthier Living made Easy
A system to help users take their medication independently and provide emotional relief through technology and design.

Ownership Project on Website
Redesigned the way users return back to build configurations on Solutions may be implemented.
Collaboration Project with SCADpro
Developed a tool designed to streamline the culture and crystallize the onboarding experience. Solution is currently in development.
Redesigning the In Car Experience
Collaboration project with SCAD and Ford. Developing near term concepts to enhance the in car experience by 2022.
Websites, Audits, Pitches, Workshops ...
I had the incredible opportunity to work with AKQA on some of the most influential companies in the world.
Experience Design
It all starts with the needs of people, systems, and businesses. I focus on enhancing and creating new experiences in form of physical and digital products, and services.