Service Design
A system that combines cities' interests in green spaces and citizens well being with companies' corporate social responsibility.

Digital + Physical UX | Service Design
A medication adherence system that helps people understand and take their medication independently.

Digital UX
Redesigned the way users return back to build configurations on Solutions may be under implementation.
"I enjoy working on complex, overpowering challenges to find solutions that truly improve this world and people's life. Coming from a UX background, I always start with research and the needs of people, systems, and businesses. I am designing experiences for physical and digital products as well as services."
- me 😊

Digital UX
Led the design of a platform that allows families to remember their family history by creating a children's storybook based on their own family stories.
Nest Couch
Industrial Design
A couch designed to breaks social norms and encourage play in adults.
Industrial Design | Service Design
A digital whiteboard and video calling device that connects loved ones regardless of their age or technological literacy.
Featured Professional Project