Experience Designer
I would like to help you design astonishing, easy-to-use products, systems, and interfaces. I love to learn, I love to figure out people, and I love to design. That’s it - and that is why I love being an Experience Designer and Researcher. My passion is to understand the needs, emotions, and behaviors of people and create meaningful products, structures, and systems that help people, bring people together and value our planet. For me, Experience Design is the power tool that allows me to contribute to the rapidly changing world, by making the digital world work for humans. My strength lies in boiling insights and concepts down to the essence, and I love coming up with ideas and testing them. I enjoy working in teams with passionate people, where I often naturally fall into the role of a conflict mediator and team leader. I am currently taking my M.A in Industrial Design at SCAD after having completed my B.F.A. in UX Design. I cannot wait to go back into the industry, and I would love to continue working in the field of Experience Design and UX Strategy, focusing on both digital and physical products. I will graduate in March 2022. Thereafter that I would like to work together with people who are passionate about what they are doing and eager to innovate!
Let us create products, structures and systems that take care of our planet and bring people together!
This is Me
Besides technology and design, I love traveling, being outside, learning from new adventures and challenges, and I absolutely love my family and friends. My family is German, and I grew up in Norway. I started playing tennis competitively at a very young age and I led the SCAD Woman’s tennis team for 3.5 years as their captain.